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Relentless Rats
Oficiálne Oracle pravidlá:
Oficiálne Oracle pravidlá:
Názov:Relentless Rats
Mana Cost:3
Typ:Creature - Rat
Text:Relentless Rats gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield named Relentless Rats.A deck can have any number of cards named Relentless Rats.
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Ďalšie pravidlá:
    3/16/2018 The second ability of Relentless Rats lets you ignore the "four-of" rule. It doesn't let you ignore format legality. For example, during a Masters 25 Limited event, you can't add Relentless Rats from your personal collection.
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2007.07.28 11:52
to moze byt monoblack co tam bude mat len toto,

2007.07.28 14:43

2007.07.28 17:28
to imba

2009.11.03 12:12
kolko ich mozem mat v Highlandery?

2009.11.03 21:19
1ks: This card's text applies even in Constructed-tournament play. It overrides the normal limit of four of an individual card. This card's text does not override other format-imposed restrictions on the number of cards. For example, in a Highlander format, you would still only be allowed one Relentless Rat.

2009.11.03 22:31

2016.01.27 15:57
Aky je aktualny stav pravidiel k tomu poctu potkanov v highlanderi? Pred casom to menili a teraz je v Gathereri iny text, ako to, co tu cituje Akiu z 2009. Odpoved poprosim aj so zdrojom.