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Oficiálne Oracle pravidlá:
Mana Cost:1
Text:Counter target spell that targets a creature.
Flavor Text:"At first I simply observed. But I found that without investment in others, life serves no purpose."-Karn, silver golem
Ďalšie pravidlá:
    10/4/2004 If a spell is modal, use the target(s) of the current mode only for this check. Targets for the other modes are never selected. 10/4/2004 Intervene can only target a spell that is currently targeting a creature. 10/4/2004 It means "targeting at least one creature" not "exactly one creature". 10/4/2004 If the spell's target leaves the battlefield before this spell resolves, Intervene won't resolve since it no longer targets a spell that targets a creature.
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2018.03.20 14:12
Zdravim chcel sa opytat ako tato karta funguje ked to zahram na hrača ktorý zahral wrath of god alebo Wash Out, ďakujem

2018.03.21 19:54
nijako. Wrath of god a wash out, necieli nic. Takze tuto kartu nemozes na to pouzit