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Inferno Titan
Oficiálne Oracle pravidlá:
Oficiálne Oracle pravidlá:
Názov:Inferno Titan
Mana Cost:6
Typ:Creature - Giant
Text:: Inferno Titan gets +1/+0 until end of turn.Whenever Inferno Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, it deals 3 damage divided as you choose among one, two, or three targets.
Flavor Text:
Ďalšie pravidlá:
    8/15/2010 You divide the damage as you put Inferno Titan's triggered ability on the stack, not as it resolves. Each target must be assigned at least 1 damage. (In other words, as you put the ability on the stack, you choose whether to have it deal 3 damage to a single target, 2 damage to one target and 1 damage to another target, or 1 damage to each of three targets.)
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Diskusia k pravidlám:
2016.07.06 11:25
And/or players - znamena ze mozem dat 3 damage do 1-3 potvor rozdelene a aj do 1-3 superov?

2016.07.06 12:00
Mozes dat napriklad 1 damage do prisery, 1 damage do jedneho hraca a 1 do druheho hraca. Dokopy musis dat 3 damage do 1-3 cielov. Nemozes dat 3 damage do hracov a k tomu 3 damage do priser.